Renovations Summer 2020

All of us here, hope all of you, are safe and well and that we might see you again very soon! We feel very fortunate to be looking forward. 

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We understand you might have some concerns about visiting a public house.

If you would like to see our back to work policy and procedure before you plan your visit to us just email and we will share our plans with you.

We have to ask that you book a table for drinks or dining to protect you and our staff, we have prepared a floor plan to help.  Just quote the table name on the phone.


We have been here at the Globe now more than six years and had been becoming a bit ‘tatty’, so had planned to close briefly after the summer season this year for repairs and redecoration.


With our enforced closure, however, it seemed sensible to bring forward the work and this we have just about completed in anticipation of being able to reopen in July, and we are very much looking forward to seeing you again.


What started as a plan for refurbishment has escalated as we seek to embrace the need for protected space and some ‘distancing’ in a place that proudly relies  upon friendliness and hospitality in the company of others!


We will, of course, be guided by the Authorities, but rest assured we know that ultimately it will be our Guests that judge those who have best  provided for their well being and we hope we have gone a long way to reassure you, both in the way we look, how we endeavour to protect you and, the way we behave!


We have always believed that the essence of a true public house is to be there, accessible to all, at any time, without the need to book.  However, in order to safely ‘manage space’ and to avoid unreasonable gathering, we are going to ask you to book with us in advance if you are intending to eat and, I am afraid to say, those who seek to enjoy just a drink will be welcome anytime, providing we can offer you a seat or a stool. Standing at the bar, popular with so many, cannot happen.


Please bare with us, it is not something we would choose to do, but the safety and well being of our guests and all those who work here, is paramount; may be in time we can revert to some of our principles, who knows?


Our tables now are a little more enclosed and protected, and to help you choose and remember the table that best suits your needs, we have given them all  names, from the wonderful Fauna, Flora and Fish that abound around us, and these names can be found on our table arrangement plan available to all so that you can choose a table that best meets your needs and might become your favourite! 


We have now just about completed our work and will start training very soon so that we will formally reopen on the 15thJuly but , if we are comfortable with our ability to deliver, we will perhaps quietly open a little sooner, so if you are a little unsure about returning to a public house, and in particular the Globe, do pop in to see us at any time after the 1stJuly so that we can proudly show you around and you can choose the table that best meets your needs.


We are currently seeking the consent of Rother Council to build new improved toilets at the Globe and we await permission to do so, this does however mean in the short term that our only toilet facilities will be upstairs and therefore not accessible to those who have additional wheelchair needs.  This is very short term and given that we get permission soon, we will build the new toilets on the ground floor.  I do hope you will excuse us any difficulties this might cause.  We are or course, here to assist in any way that we can.


Please be assured that we have the utmost interest in the Health and Wellbeing of us all and we have invested a little money but more importantly, skill, care and commitment to make sure that the Globe remains relevant and attractive to the social needs we all share.  Long live the Globe!


Thank you 

Life Around The Globe

Have a peek at what's been going on inside. Photos by Louis Neville


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